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Leasing Benefits


Outdoor lighting is a smart investment. Not only does it improve your building or home's appearance, it also provides an extra measure of safety after dark.

Leasing provides the option of paying a monthly charge for the use of a lighting system instead of paying the full cost of the equipment and installation upfront. When you lease lights from Mississippi Power, you won't have to worry about your lights again. Our customer service representatives will answer your call for service 24/7, and your outdoor lights will be quickly repaired and maintained on an ongoing basis by our professional lighting service technicians.

Enjoy the Benefits

  • Mississippi Power requires no upfront cost for most lease options.
  • Mississippi Power installs, owns and maintains the lighting fixtures for a low monthly fee.
  • Mississippi Power can replace the fixtures you currently own with new fixtures such as installing LED lighting on your existing poles.
  • Monthly lease payments can be included on your Mississippi Power electric service bill.