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About Us


The Outdoor Lighting team

Mississippi Power's Outdoor Lighting team will design a lighting system tailored to your needs, to help keep your home and your family safe. We will help you determine what type of energy-efficient lighting is best for your home, whether you need a few lights or a complete outdoor lighting system. Our skilled installation and maintenance personnel will ensure your system meets your expectations.

Why Mississippi Power?

Mississippi Power is renowned for the quality, reliability and value of the outdoor lighting solutions we provide. Let us help you design an energy-efficient outdoor light or lighting system to keep your home safe.

Getting started

The first step is to meet with our experts, who will provide a free lighting analysis at your property. Then we will create a custom solution, suggesting either cost-effective upgrades or an efficient new system. Our priority is to meet your needs while fitting your budget. We make it easy to design, install and maintain your new, efficient outdoor lighting system.

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