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EV Benefits


High Fuel Economy, Low Fuel Cost

  • Today's EVs (or PHEVs in electric mode) can exceed
    100 mpge (miles per gallon electric).
  • Estimate $1 per gallon when charging with electricity.

Flexible Fueling

  • Most charging happens at your home every night.
  • Workplace and public charging are becoming more readily available.

High Performance

  • Today's PEVs are state-of-the-art highway vehicles ready to match or surpass the performance of conventional gasoline and diesel vehicles.
  • PEVs are much quieter than conventional vehicles.
  • PEVs produce minimum torque and smooth acceleration from a full stop.

Low Emissions

  • PEVs that are driven in all-electric mode produce ZERO direct emissions.
  • PHEVs running on gasoline do produce emissions, but because their operation is more efficient than gas or diesel, they yield direct emissions benefits even when relying on ICE mode.