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  • Katrina 2005-2015
  • Katrina 2005-2015
  • Billing Options

    Keep things simple and convenient.


    At Mississippi Power, we want to keep things as simple and convenient as possible when it comes to paying your monthly bill. We offer several options for payment, so you can find the method that best fits you. Choose from simple Budget Billing, which allows you to keep your payments about the same each month, or other options designed to take the pressure out of paying that bill.


    Paperless Billing

    Get an exact online copy of your bill, along with email reminders of when to pay.

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    Eliminate bill surprises

    Sign up for budget billing and pay roughly the same amount, all year round.

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    Other Billing Options

    Info on braille bills for the sight impaired, third party billing and our L.I.V.E. program

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    About My Bill

    Find info to help understand your bill.

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