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Enhanced text alerts

Sign up for enhanced Billing Alerts to make it easy to keep track of your account and your bill due date.

To register for Billing Alerts, log into your online account and make your selections under Alerts & Communications.

The Billing Alerts available to you by text are Bill Notifications, Bill Reminders and a Disconnect Notice. You also have the option to create a Do Not Disturb window during the time period of your choice.

When you sign up to receive alerts by text, an initial text will be sent to the device asking you to accept the Terms & Conditions.

Once you reply, the account will be enrolled to receive the requested Billing Alerts and no further action is necessary.

Text MSPOWR (99500) to:

  • Help - To obtain a list of text messaging keywords.
  • Pause - To stop receiving billing notifications for 30 days. After 30 days, the alert will resume.
  • Resume - To restart "paused" messaging for an account.
  • Stop - To terminate text communications.

The Billing Alerts function is one more way for you to manage your account.