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About My Bill

Get to know and understand your Mississippi Power bill


Whether you are looking for your balance and due date, checking our contact information, or seeking available payment options, we are sure you will find your Mississippi Power bill easy to read.

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Overview of paper bill

Mississippi Power's usage information chart gives you at-a-glance information about your power usage over a rolling 13-month period. Quickly see total power usage by month and the average daily power you are using.

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We know that sometimes you may need to contact us. That's why we've put all the information you'll need, like our contact numbers and website address, plus your account number, right at the top of your bill. You can quickly find our customer service number, how to report an outage, or how to pay your bill.

We've grouped all our payment programs (Budget Billing, Auto Pay and Paperless Billing, Credit Card) as well as our payment options (online, by mail and at a local office) so you can quickly determine which best suits your lifestyle.

Your Mississippi Power bill is two-sided. On the front you'll find a summary of your current bill, information on how to contact us, timely updates and promotions, and your usage history. On the back you can see the details of your current bill and information about payment programs. Your account number, due date and total due are clearly displayed on both sides of your bill.

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How do I?

Mississippi Power provides multiple convenient ways to pay your bill. You can...

If you need to change your primary contact phone number or email, you can do so by:

Updating your information online now.

Entering the new phone number or email address on the back of the mail-in stub when making a payment.

You will find lots of information on our website including:

Signing up for online account access is easy.

  1. Locate your account number and access code on your bill. (Where do I find this?)
  2. Create an online user ID and password.
  3. Provide your account number and access code.
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Enrolling in Paperless Billing is easy.

  1. Create an online ID and password.
  2. Provide your account number and access code.

    (Where do I find this?)
  3. Click on Paperless or Paper from the left hand navigation.
  4. Select the Paperless radio button and the click "Save".

    Check the screen to see if you are required to validate your email.

  5. You are now enrolled and can start enjoying the many benefits of paperless billing.
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