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Net Metering

What is Net Metering?

The electricity generated by your solar or renewable energy system serves the energy needs of your business and can reduce your monthly electric bill. Any additional energy your business requires is automatically supplied by Mississippi Power. Any excess electricity your renewable system generates — electricity your business does not use — will be exported back to the electric grid and purchased by Mississippi Power. This is called net metering.  

Not all renewable energy systems will be able to generate excess electricity. It is more common for solar-powered businesses to produce a portion of the electricity for their business and the remainder is provided by Mississippi Power. Those that do generate excess electricity will be eligible to sell that electricity to Mississippi Power at a rate determined by the Mississippi Public Service Commission. However, those who do not generate excess electricity will still see a reduction, or offset, in their bills as their business uses more solar energy and less energy from the grid.

View the Mississippi Public Service Commission net metering and interconnection rule.