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Ways to Save

Energy Solutions for Large Commercial or Industrial Business

NOTE: Our Large Commercial & Industrial Business Program is fully subscribed at this time.


Our Large Commercial & Industrial Program will provide your business with energy-efficient products, expert guidance and cash incentives for energy-saving upgrades—all at no cost to you. However you choose to save energy, we want to help. We offer cash incentives for the following energy-savings projects:

Commercial Business Incentive Table

ProjectsCash Incentive
Lighting and Lighting Controls* $0.07/kWh
HVAC - Chiller $0.12/kWh
HVAC - DX and HVAC Controls $0.12/kWh
Building Envelope $0.12/kWh
Food Service $0.12/kWh
Custom $0.06/kWh

*Includes both interior and exterior applications

Here are the results from a lighting project we completed for Seemann Composites in Gulfport:

  • Total fixtures replaced - 258
  • Annual kWh savings - 507,782 kWh
  • Estimated annual savings - $53,563
  • Total project incentive - $35,544.69
  • Payback period - 1 year

If your business is ready to start saving money and energy, call 800-760-4952 to speak with a representative or contact one of our Independent Service Contractors.

Incentives are capped at $30,000 per customer.