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Space Cooling Systems

Put a chill on high cooling bills with recent advances in space cooling technology

For most facilities, cooling interior spaces is one of the larger energy expenses. Fortunately, modern alternatives to traditional space cooling systems offer greatly improved efficiency and performance over older equipment.

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Heat Pumps

Gain energy savings by removing heat from areas where it's not needed and moving it to areas where it is needed.

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Unitary Heat Pumps

Get year-round space cooling at a competitive cost with individual room or zone control.

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Ground Water Source (Open Loop) Heat Pump Systems

Save energy by using surface or underground water (lake, river, well, etc.) as a cooling and heating source.

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Ground Source (Refrigerant Loop) Heat Pump Systems

Lower utility bills with this refrigerant-based system that uses the ground's constant near-surface temperature of 55¼ as a heating and cooling source.

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Ground-Coupled (Closed-Loop) Heat Pump Systems

Reduce utility bills with this system that cycles water through the ground's constant near-surface temperature of 55¼ to aid in heating and cooling.

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Evaporative Cooling

Reduce the energy consumed by mechanical cooling equipment by using the cooling effects of evaporating water.

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Thermal Storage

Cut energy dollars by shifting peak cooling energy demands to off-peak hours when rates are lower.

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Low Temperature Air Conditioning

Reduce initial cost, electrical demand, and operating costs through this system's smaller fans and ductwork.

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