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Tips for Selecting a Heat Pump System


Buying a heating and cooling system is a major investment. To help you make the right decision on your next heating and cooling system, use the following guidelines:

Select a certified Mississippi Power heating and cooling dealer to install your new heat pump system.

These certified dealers have been specially trained in proper equipment sizing and duct design.

Request a load calculation for your home.

New high-efficiency equipment may have different capacities than older systems. Many older systems were installed using “rules of thumb” which resulted in oversized systems. Oversized systems reduce the comfort level in the home as well as contribute to a higher than necessary energy bill. Therefore, the new system should be sized to the calculated load of the home.

Ask the dealer to evaluate your present duct system for duct leakage as well as proper duct sizing.

In order for any system to work properly, the duct system has to be properly installed and sized correctly. Improperly sized ductwork and duct leakage will cost you your hard-earned money. If you have been experiencing any discomfort with your old system, be sure to have the duct system checked.

Have the dealer verify the size of the existing return air grille.

This is a common problem found on many systems today. Undersized return air grilles rob the system of its maximum capacity which means higher energy bills and decreased comfort.

Once you have selected a system

When replacing your indoor system, have the dealer seal the indoor heater closet completely, above the platform as well as below the platform.

In past years, it was common practice to leave the top of the closet open to the attic. Many closets are not sealed properly which allows the attic air to enter the conditioned air stream of the system; therefore robbing the system of its peak efficiency and maximum capacity.

Request a written proposal from the dealer indicating what they plan to do to your system.

The proposal should include brand of equipment, equipment model numbers, description of all work to be performed (ductwork, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, etc.) and length of manufacturer/dealer warranties.

Request that the dealer install curved-blade grilles on all supply air ducts.

Curved-blade supply air grilles distribute the conditioned air more evenly resulting in greater comfort.

Have the dealer explain to you how your new electric heat pump system works.

A heat pump operates just like a conventional air conditioning system during the summer (absorbing the unwanted heat in your house and transferring it outdoors). However, during the wintertime, it operates differently and it is important to understand its operation to maximize your energy savings. Be sure to ask for your owner's manual and warranty papers as well.

After you decide that an electric heat pump is the right choice for your home, why not go all the way and replace your old gas water heater?

Chances are if your heating and cooling system needs replacing your water heater probably needs replacing as well.

Your heating and cooling dealer can handle the job for you and your payments can be added to your electric bill if you finance through Mississippi Power. It couldn't be easier and the savings are great!