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Paperless Billing


Paperless billing not only saves precious resources but can also be a more convenient way to keep on top of your bills. Set up email reminders and view exact copies of your bill online, along with other benefits:

  • Receive email notifications when your paperless bill is sent.
  • Immediate payment confirmation.
  • Save or print the online bill for record-keeping purposes.
  • No need for stamps and trips to the post office.
  • Use the Paperless Calculator to find out how much paper you're saving.

Getting Started is Simple.

  1. Register online at

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    1. Enter your name and password, or click Register Now if it's your first time.
    2. If you are registering for the first time, Create a Profile.
    3. Accept the Terms of Service and you're ready for step 2!
  2. Add Your Account

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    1. Enter your Access Code and Account Number.
    2. Skip the Enrollment Wizard
  3. Sign Up For Paperless Billing

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    1. Select the Paperless option.
    2. Select your reminder days
    3. Click Save and enjoy Paperless Billing!
  1. Register Now or Log In

    If you are a new customer, click the register now button. If you already have a user ID and password, enter it in the secure login section, and click login.

    Click the 'register now' button
  2. Complete the Fields

    Each of the fields in the 'Create a Profile' form is required.

    Complete the required fields
  3. Agree to Terms of Service and Click "Submit" Button

    You will need to agree to our terms of service before you can continue registration. These are listed right on the page - you can scroll up and down to view the complete terms. Once you are ready to continue, make sure the checkbox is checked, and then click 'Submit'.

    Agree to Terms of Service
  4. Enter Your Access Code, Account Number & Account Description

    You will want to have your account details ready - you can find these on a recent Mississippi Power bill. Enter your access code and account number into the form as shown.

  5. Skip Enrollment Wizard

    You can either select Paperless Billing in the enrollment wizard, or click Don't Ask Again to be taken directly to the paperless signup page.

  6. Select the Paperless Option

    Select the button marked paperless, and verify your email address

  7. Select your reminder days

    If you would like a reminder email to be sent to you before your Due Date, check the box and indicate the number of days before your bill when the reminder should be sent.

  8. Enjoy Paperless Billing!

    The final step is to click the 'Save' button' to confirm your enrollment in Paperless Billing.

    You're now enrolled in Paperless Billing
    Sign Up!

When You're Ready to Make the Switch to Paperless Billing, Click Here!