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Beautification Efforts

Protecting and enhancing the beauty of our communities

Our employees volunteer in community environmental stewardship events to help make our parks, schools and recreational areas cleaner.

For years, our employees have participated in the Keep America Beautiful-Keep Mississippi Beautiful event, focusing on beautification and anti-litter efforts in our communities. Through award-winning efforts, employees have built gazebos, park benches and bridges, as well as planted trees and shrubbery to enhance their beauty.

Additionally, because properly disposing of household waste - like paint, batteries, oil, tires and e-waste - is one of the easiest ways to protect our families and communities, each year our employees volunteer in a number of collection days throughout the service area. Since 1995, Mississippi Power and the Harrison County Beautification Commission have teamed up at BRING IT! to provide county residents with a free way to dispose of household hazardous waste products. More than 400 tons of household debris have been collected at this event over the years, keeping this waste out of landfills and local waterways.

2018 BRING IT! Event Details

BRING IT! - What should I bring?
Aerosols Drain openers Oil filters Silver polish Wood finish
Anti-freeze Furniture polish Oven cleaner Turpentine E-Waste
Batteries Herbicides Paint (1-gal & 5-gal) Transmission fluid - Cell phones/Telephones
Brake fluid Insecticides Paint thinner Used tires (limit five) - Computers/Computer cables
Cleaners (all-purpose) Light bulbs Pesticides Varnish - Copy & Fax machines
Detergents Motor oil Rug & upholstery cleaner Water seal - TV/VCR/DVD players
What should I leave at home?
Ammunition Explosives Medical waste PCBs Radioactive material
Asbestos Furniture Non-residential waste Prescription drugs Syringes