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Environmental Stewardship


Our state is home to a diverse selection of wildlife and natural resources. Mississippi Power has a longstanding history of fostering partnerships to restoring habitats, protecting ecosystems and wildlife, and educating publics of all ages on the importance of preserving our natural resources.

Whether it is on the job or as a volunteer, our employees actively provide leadership at all levels of environmental causes in our communities throughout Southeast Mississippi. Removing trash from rivers, building new habitats for threatened or endangered species, and helping to preserve scenic acreage for generations to come are just some of the ways that we help in protecting these precious resources.

Mississippi Power's Renew Our Rivers program, for example, is one of the state's premiere, national award-winning environmental stewardship programs. Since it began in 2005, employee and community partners have removed more than 362 tons of debris from about 20 waterways. We're also helping to educate young and old about nonpoint source pollution — trash that indirectly or unintentionally ends up in the water — and how we can prevent it.


Renew Our Rivers

Learn about our project goals and achievements, and how Mississippi Power engages communities in protecting our waterways.

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Beautification Efforts

Want to know how we are keeping our state clean and beautiful? Take a look!

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Take a look at our premiere, national award-winning environmental stewardship program and learn how to get involved.

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