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Trees and Right-Of-Way Management


In order to provide safe, reliable electrical service, we maintain the rights-of-way under and around our power lines. We do this through right-of-way and vegetation management. This requires pruning or removing trees, cutting brush, and applying herbicides to prevent vegetation from interrupting your electric service.


Distribution Vegetation Management

Learn how neighborhood vegetation management prevents outages.

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Distribution Vegetation Management FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Mississippi Power's vegetal management.

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Transmission Vegetation Management

Learn about how Mississippi Power manages vegetation around transmission lines.

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Transmission Vegetation Management FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about vegetation management for transmission rights-of-way.

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Right-of-Way Use

Learn about use of easements, prohibited activities at utility corridors, and more.

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Right-of-Way FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about transmission line rights-of-way.

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Contact Us

Get in touch about any questions or issues related to trees- and rights-of-way management.

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