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Recipient of the 2015 ReliabilityOneTM Award for Outstanding Midsize Utility

Electricity - and having it available on a 24/7 basis - is something we've come to depend on, from our everyday personal needs to the well-being of our economies.

At Mississippi Power, providing safe, reliable electricity always comes first. That's why our team of skilled employees works every day to manage and maintain about 7,000 miles of Mississippi Power lines to ensure the safe delivery of electricity to homes and businesses across southeast Mississippi. It's also why Mississippi Power has been named the recipient of the 2015 ReliabilityOneTM Award for Outstanding Midsize Utility, presented by PA Consulting Group in its annual recognition of the best investor-owned utilities in the United States.

Mississippi Power has made improvements to build and maintain a more reliable and smarter system to make, transmit and deliver electricity to our customers. 'Smart grid' technologies, or 'self-healing' networks, can automatically isolate problems and restore service to unaffected areas in a matter of seconds.

This system benefits both Mississippi Power and our customers. For our customers, they experience improved reliability and efficiency of power. For the company, we are able to lower our operating costs as well as better manage our demand.

When An Outage Does Occur

Mississippi Power is an industry leader in reliability, meaning 99.9 percent of the time you flip a switch the power is there. However, most outages that do occur are beyond our control.

Weather and lightning, animals, trees/limbs, and acts of others (especially vehicle accidents) are among the top causes of outages. However, when outages do occur we provide updates to you through our online outage map and outage alerts, while our crews are on the move to and ready to respond. In an average year, our linemen respond to more than 4,000 outage events after business hours, most of these after storms.


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