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Mississippi Power proudly participates in the Avian Protection Program sanctioned by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The program helps keep migratory birds safe from electrical equipment, including transmission lines and distribution substations. In addition to taking steps to reduce mortality risk to avian species, the program encourages ways to enhance avian populations or habitats, such as developing safe nesting platforms.


Mississippi Power follows transmission and distribution standards that are avian-safe, especially on smaller lines where conductors are closer together and insulator strings are shorter.

Power of Flight

The Power of Flight program is a partnership between Southern Company — including its four traditional operating companies — and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. The partnership funds efforts to conserve birds characteristic of the southern U.S. through strategic habitat restoration and environmental education. Efforts span the Southern Company system's primary service area of Georgia, Alabama, northwestern Florida and southeastern Mississippi.

Launched in 2003, the partnership is the largest public agency-private corporation funding effort for bird conservation in the South. Each partner contributes $300,000 annually with the combined $600,000 available through a competitive grant program. Grantees match all awards dollar for dollar (or more). In addition, the Southern Company system provides $60,000 annually to support the NFWF bird conservation efforts.

Fact Sheet (PDF 157KB) | More about NFWF | How to apply