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  • Katrina 2005-2015
  • About energy

    Our Mission: Safely provide reliable, affordable electricity

    Our daily lives are dependent on electricity, and we take generating and delivering reliable, affordable energy seriously.

    The key to meeting growing energy demands is having a diverse portfolio of energy sources. Diversifying our resources — coal, natural gas, lignite — allows us to deploy innovative ways to generate clean, reliable and cost-effective electricity, while avoiding an overreliance on one fuel source and staying environmentally responsible.

    We consider a range of energy sources to balance energy supply with our growing customer demand. Our energy resource plan is updated and approved by the Mississippi Public Service Commission.

    The Kemper County energy facility is a great example of how we're taking technology — gasification — and combining it with an abundant Mississippi resource — lignite — to provide affordable electricity for generations to come.

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    Generating Electricity with Diverse Fuels

    Learn more about Mississippi Power plants and our fuel diversity.

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    Making Cleaner Energy and Communities

    Find out how we're reducing emissions and being environmentally responsible.

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    Finding renewable solutions

    Cost-effective renewable options for your home and/or business.

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    Putting Safety First When Working with Electricity

    Practice safe habits wherever electricity is present.

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    Maintaining Reliability

    Managing the space between trees and power lines to ensure the lights stay on.

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    Powering up your vocabulary

    Check out our energy glossary of terms to power up your energy vocabulary.

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