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In-home Energy Checkup

NOTE: The In-home Energy Checkup and Weatherization Measures are currently unavailable. Mail-In Rebates are still available.

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Through our new in-home Energy Checkup, Mississippi Power is providing you ways to save even more with:

  • $75 savings on an in-home Energy Checkup by an Independent Service Contractor.
  • Energy saving measures (up to $120 value) installed by an Independent Service Contractor.
  • Rebates and incentives for additional energy improvements in your home.
  • Long-term savings by having a more energy-efficient home.

You have two options for your home Energy Checkup, and both of these include installation of energy savings devices such as CFL bulbs, smart power strips and faucet aerators (up to a $120 value):

Tier 1 - Offers a walk-through of your home by a trained surveyor and the installation of the no-cost energy savings devices. Your surveyor will also provide a list of recommendations for further ways to increase the efficiency of your home. Mississippi Power will provide $75 to offset the cost of the survey performed by an Independent Service Contractor.

Tier 2 - In addition to the no-cost energy savings devices available in Tier 1, this assessment includes a comprehensive testing of your home. Local home energy consultants will perform tests to locate any energy losses around the home's doors and air ducts, as well as provide combustion safety education. Mississippi Power will provide $75 to offset the cost of the survey performed by an Independent Service Contractor.

Once the customer has worked with a consultant to determine what areas of improvement there are for your home, Mississippi Power will offer incentives to help offset the cost of many of those measures.

Weatherization MeasureIncentive Rate Paid to Contractor Example of Incentives 2,000 Sq Ft House
Duct Sealing
Gas: $ .75 CFM25 Reduced
HP: 1.50 CFM25 Reduced
Elec.: 1.50 CFM25 Reduced
5 ton unit with 25% reduced leakage
Air Infiltration Sealing
Gas: $ .05 CFM50 Reduced
HP: .08 CFM50 Reduced
Elec.: .13 CFM50 Reduced
2,000 CFM Reduced
Attic Insulation* (to R-30) Beginning at R 0-4
Gas: $ .12/SF
HP: .24/SF
Elec.: .35/SF

Attic Insulation* (to R-30) Beginning at R 5-8
Gas: $ .08/SF
HP: .12/SF
Elec.: .20/SF

Floor Insulation HP: $ .10/SF
Elec.: .20/SF
Wall Insulation Gas: $ .25/SF of Wall
HP: .25/SF of Wall
Elec.: .25/SF of Wall
$500  for all heating sources

*No incentives for > R8 existing level of insulation

Note: Independent service contractors are not affiliated with Mississippi Power.

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