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Energy Solutions for Your Small Business

See how Gatlin's is saving energy and money.

NOTE: The Small Business Program is fully subscribed at this time.

Small Businesses often run on a thin margin, so reducing your overhead without compromising quality can increase profits and result in happier customers through better lighting and increased comfort. Independent Service Contractors in our Energy Solutions program will analyze your facility's energy use, identify energy efficiency improvement areas, and while they are there, install no-cost energy saving devices such as faucet aerators, low flow shower heads and pre-rinse sprayers where applicable.

Project incentives are capped by Mississippi Power at the lesser of 16 cents per annual kWh reduced or 90% of the project cost. In addition, no cost energy savings devices are also included. (Up to a $120 value)

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Small Business Incentive Table
T12 to T8 lighting retrofits $0.16 or 90% project cost
LED lighting upgrades $0.16 or 90% project cost
Occupancy sensor installations $0.16 or 90% project cost
LED exit sign retrofits $0.16 or 90% project cost
Kitchen $0.16 or 90% project cost
Refrigeration $0.16 or 90% project cost

Let's look at a hypothetical project

A nonprofit organization that works with children is trying to save money on a limited budget. After an onsite, no-cost energy assessment, it is determined that the best solution would be a lighting retrofit throughout the facility. In the gym, metal halide lights were replaced with efficient 6-lamp high bay fixtures. Outside, 90 watt halogen bulbs were replaced with energy-saving 26 watt CFLs.

  • Total fixtures replaced - 118
  • Annual kWh reduction - 40,124 kWh
  • Total project incentive - $6,419
  • Estimated annual savings - $4,012
  • Payback period - 1 year

Can you save money through the Mississippi Power Energy Solutions Program? There's no cost to you to find out.

To get started on saving money, call toll free at 800-760-4952 to speak with an Energy Solutions representative or contact one of our Energy Solutions Independent Service Contractors.