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Ways to Save

Energy Solutions for Your Small Business

NOTE: Our Small Business Program is fully subscribed at this time.

See how Gatlin's is saving energy and money.

Small businesses often run on a thin margin, so lower energy costs can be a very big deal. We designed our Small Business Program to provide energy-efficient products, expert guidance and cash incentives for energy-savings projects. Independent Service Contractors in our energy solutions program will analyze your facility's energy usage and identify energy efficiency improvement areas.

Small Business Incentive Table

T12 to T8 Lighting Retrofits $0.16 or 80% project cost
LED Lighting Upgrades $0.16 or 80% project cost
Occupancy Sensor Installations $0.16 or 80% project cost
LED Exit Sign Retrofits $0.16 or 80% project cost
Kitchen $0.16 or 80% project cost
Refrigeration $0.16 or 80% project cost

Here are the results from a lighting project we completed at Grant's Menswear in Biloxi:

  • Total bulbs replaced - 180
  • Annual kWh savings - 31,342 kWh
  • Total project incentive - $5,014
  • Estimated annual savings - $4,074

If your business is ready to start saving money and energy, call 800-760-4952 to speak with a representative or contact one of our Independent Service Contractors.